6 Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin, ” is a vital nutrient in many biochemical reactions in the physical body. It also helps in the absorption of other minerals like calcium, phosphate, magnesium and zinc. New research has shed light on many, hitherto unknown, targets for vitamin D action.

Before it is known by you, your tummy troubles will be a plain thing of the past. Luckily, there is a simple test that you can conduct to determine if you have low stomach acid, and it’s one of the first steps towards regaining your health and improving your digestion.

However, there is no reliable evidence that taking vitamin D supplements can treat or prevent type 2 diabetes. Early research suggests that giving vitamin D supplements to infants daily during the first year of life is linked to a lower risk of developing type 1 diabetes later in life. High blood pressure. Early research suggests that people with low blood levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure than people with normal blood levels of vitamin D. However, most research suggests that taking vitamin D does not reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

Cancer. Although some research shows that people who take a high-dose of vitamin D have a lower risk of developing cancer, most research does not support this.

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He said I had a neurological problem that would take 10 years for science to figure out. I came home that day so depressed in Aug 2011.

It’s too early to say whether a lack of vitamin D causes high blood pressure, or whether vitamin D supplements may have any role in the treatment of high blood pressure. For example, a woman with a serious illness may have a vitamin D deficiency.

I take it only as needed and a very low dose, and I have not taken that in three days either, I called my doctor and she said she does not think its from withdrawals. Just my anxiety is high. I never felt this way before missing my Xanax. I’m also anemic, and when I felt my feet and hands being so cold and burning sensation, I took a iron pill. Ugh, I guess stop the vitamins and just get checked to see if I even need to take supplements.

can low vitamin d cause indigestion
can low vitamin d cause indigestion

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