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Public funds should create public code, for an Internet of, by, and for the people. If public money pays for software, that software should be public too. Publicly financed software developed for the public sector should be publicly available. Closed source software is against the interest of the public and should therefore not be publicly financed.

Let our government run on public code. Yess. The most of the softwares that is payed by public money should be free software. We need FOSS supported with public money, because it’s the only way to build a truly democratic technological fundation for our society. The PUBLIC sectors are funded by PUBLIC money.

I fully agree with the initiative and would like all publicly-funded software to be released under a free software license. Companies that make publicly paid software are only tools paid to do a software.

It is for the benefit of all of us. It’s unacceptable for public money to be spent on infrastructural elements that are secret. Free Software in public administration is a prerequisite for transparency, neutrality and supporting faith in our institutions in general. Free software alone can evolve and support a solid public infrastructure. What’s public must remain public.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We need to progress as a society. Free and Open Source Software is one of the many keys. Our taxes pay the developers and the government institution that tenders IT activity. Code generated by employees belong to employers.

Open source is more secure. I find it important that publicly funded software is also accessible to the public. A free software license enables this. Having code developed with tax money is a logical follow-up on Open Access publishing of tax-funded scientific papers.

Free Software, free society. Software funded by people should be for the benefit of people. All software created with public money must be available to the public.

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Public money must be used for common wealth. Sharing the result a the work paid by public money makes it part of the common wealth. Don’t spend public money on proprietary software theirs are bad for citizens. I believe, publicly financed software should be only Free Software. Anything, other than this, is injustice toward people.

  • As a taxpayer, I want my money to benefit the public.
  • It incresaes transparency and democracy.
  • I fully support the initiative, all software created with public money, should be open sourced.
  • It is only fair that software created with public money be accessible to those who financed it.

Let’s not reinvent the wheel again and again, public money, public code. Transparency & continuity is a good thing for software made with public money. No Taxation Without Representation implies No Public Money Without Public Code.

Knowledge financed with public money has to be public. This goes for public code as well as publically funded research. Free software is the only way for people to keep control of their data. The softwares funded with public money as to be a common resource. Free and Open Source Software is needed to provide transparency into what is done with the public money.

Switch now. Any code written from people’s money should offer open access to the people. Software in the public interest is often horribly broken. We need to stop pouring money into the closed source development schema. Open source encourages better software.

My country is in a big need for clearing out the use of public money and this is a great first step. We want open access to the software we the people funded. It is paramount that the people have access to the code that was produced with money provided by the people. Innovations in publicly financed software should be passed on to future user, and that happens best by open-sourcing the systems. Dear Legislators – I support this initiative.

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If the software is developed using public money, it should benefit the public. The best way to do that is to make it open source. Any good or service financed by public money must remain the property of all citizens. Code financed by tax money should be open source for everybody. Public money should promote open protocols and software, not proprietary lock-in.

What’s paid by the public should be owned by the public. Code is too important to keep hidden. We need to have control over the things we pay for.

Public money should only fund public initiatives for the common universal good and by natural extension free to all and not private capture. Transparency is a key aspect of a democracy. Only Free and open source software can provide such transparency. Great initiative, totally support it. Free & Open Source software makes a huge improvement for all of us.

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