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You are helping so many people by offering your information and products. I got a prescription to be retested, and I saw your page on homocysteine, but I’m wondering how I should prepare differently for thyroid testing. I also was told that the average Vitamin D levels were between 70-80 units, and my test came back as 7 units, so I’m taking Vitamin D3 5,000-iu now. I see here that you say to avoid gluten, and I’m just wondering how MTHFR effects the body’s ability to process gluten.

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4. Sharing Information Together with Third Parties

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16. Achieve optimum ketosis

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7. Avoid drinking beer

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Yes, the niacin will use up some methyl groups but for the majority of people, this little bit of niacin isn’t going to deplete one’s methylation. If it is important to take a multivitamin without folic acid to begin, there are many available online, when you say take only optimal start, it seems like your out to only sell your product and that takes away from the genuinely good work on MTHFR that you have been doing I have heterozygous MTHFR with both C677T (c/t) and A1298C A/C – it’s impacted my quality of life. All of my life Ive been anemic with iron of 5….on the lowest range. We also have a great Facebook group where you can learn from each other – over 2,000 people.

The only time in my life I used an electric stove was when my husband and I bought our first house. When I can im wanting to gather as much information about MTHFR and C677T and its components as possible such as your research and make a portfolio and hoping to pass it along to as many people and or doctors as I can with my research, yours and other findings.

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