public (obecenstvo, publikum, veřejný); synonyms (adj) common, national, overt, civic, general, mutual, (n) folk, community, populace, (v) open; antonyms (adj) confidential, personal. veřejný 1.

twelve lines each, with a concluding sestet, of 150 lines in all. Charles W. Coleman, in his sestina Love’s Going, used three rhyme sounds, sing, rose, heart, thing, goes, apart; but he retains the unrhymed sequence formula, and thus has rhyming couplets in four of his stanzas. Swinburne’s variation is to be preferred to this. Clearly, in writing the sestina, after the first stanza has been completed, the next task is to write down the terminals for all the lines of the next five stanzas, and the terminals and center words of the brief concluding stanza.

verandah; synonyms (n) gallery, drift, heading. verdikt verdict (rozsudek); synonyms (n) finding, decision, judgment, conclusion, determination, decree, resolution, ruling, sentence, choice. veřejnost 1. community (obec); synonyms (n) association, public, agreement, commune, nation, people, brotherhood, likeness, (adj) communal, neighborhood; antonym (adj) private, 2.

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look (dívat se); synonyms (v) seem, appear, expect, (n) face, gaze, appearance, aspect, air, countenance, expression, 3. sight; synonyms (n) vision, glimpse, show, view, eye, (v) aim, spot, see, descry, discern. pohlednice 1.

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ventilator; synonyms (n) fan, vent, respirator, ventiduct, chimney, (v) bellows, blowpipe, lungs. vepř pig (prase); synonyms (n) hog, boar, bull, cop, copper, fuzz, glutton, grunter, (v) farrow, devour. vepřové pork; synonyms (n) porc, beef, chicken, ham, lamb, mutton, veal, venison. veranda 1. porch; synonyms (n) lobby, hall, veranda, vestibule, balcony, door, entrance, portico, inlet, doorway, 2.

rain, (n) drop, descent, downfall, plunge; antonyms (v) rise, increase, ascend, climb, triumph, win, (n) ascent, 2. autumn; synonyms (n) fall, declivity, harvest, cadence, capitulation, cascade, cataract, death, declension, degradation. podzimní autumnal; synonyms (adj) vespertine, nocturnal. poezie 1.

pohár 1. cup (šálek); synonyms (n) chalice, basin, trophy, destiny, fate, bowl, cupful, glass, portion, bleed, 2. goblet; synonyms (n) cup, mug, beaker, flask, jorum, flute, horn, (v) barometer, especially, glaze. pohlavek slap (plesknout); synonyms (n) smack, cuff, blow, hit, whack, (v) clap, knock, beat, buffet, (adv) bang.

verš verse (poezie); synonyms (n) poem, poetry, rhyme, poesy, stanza, strain, measure, song, clause, paragraph; antonym (n) prose. veršotepec rhymester; synonyms (n) rhymer, versifier, rhymist, bard, lyricist, poet, poetiser, poetizer, writer. veršování versification; synonyms (n) poetry, verse, metrification, songcraft, stanza, stave. veršovat versify; synonyms (v) poetize, verse, accrue, augment, contribute, go, increase, interfere, make, manage.

It is wise, for rhyme 4, which must be repeated eighteen times, and similar others repeated constantly in the fixed forms, to choose a comparatively simple rhyming sound, such as the E here, to prevent a lack of rhyming words. ended, bended, fended or defended, Jen did, Len did, mended or amended, depended, rended, tended or attended, vended, wended, and, using double and triple consonantal initial sounds, blended, friended and befriended, expended for sp, extended for st, trended, then did, splendid, and this can be supplemented with men did and many other two-word rhymes. Here are at least eighteen rhyming mates, which can be used as the 2 rhyme in a ballade, which requires fourteen rhyming mates.

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