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This study was performed after approval by Research Ethics Committee of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, Hualien, Taiwan and written informed consent was obtained from the participants. Prior to the study, all subjects did not use any medication that might affect gastrointestinal motility. We excluded subjects with the following clinical conditions: (1) esophageal strictures; (2) previous gastrointestinal surgery; (3) presence of systemic diseases that might interfere with esophageal motility; (4) chronic use of medications known to affect esophageal motility; and (5) intolerance and/or lack of cooperation with entire protocol. All patients had typical reflux symptoms lasting for more than 6 mo. The likelihood of secondary peristaltic response by abrupt air injection was increased by transient capsaicin infusion, but reduced by repeated capsaicin infusion.

In conclusion, we demonstrate an association between GERD symptoms and medication use and CPAP-related aerophagia. Overall, the findings of this pilot study suggest that future studies with objective GERD and aerophagia measures are warranted.

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This study also further excluded patients who had suffered an AECOPD in the year preceding study recruitment, which is a strong predictor for subsequent AECOPD and considered an indicator for the frequent exacerbator phenotype [14]. As some of these unadjusted factors are independent predictors for AECOPD, the results of that study were probably confounded. The only factors they adjusted for were sex, age, type of health insurance, and COPD severity by pharmaceutical prescription. However, they did not detect an increased risk of ICU admission. While patients undergoing acute exacerbations resulting in respiratory failure or ICU admittance are at a high risk for poor outcomes, few studies in the literature have investigated the risk factors that may be associated with the severity of these exacerbations [34,35].

A large meal remains in the stomach for several hours, increasing the chances for gastroesophageal reflux. From half to three-quarters of those with reflux disease have mild symptoms that generally clear up in response to simple measures.

The patients who demonstrated CPAP use ≥ 4 h/ night for ≥ 70% of the nights were considered compliant. All patients were re-evaluated in the sleep clinic during follow-up visits after 6 months of initial enrollment. Demographic data including age, gender, BMI, and race were also obtained. During the initial visit, patients were asked to fill out a questionnaire to assess their heartburn, which is widely used to assess nGER in population based research. All of these patients were prescribed CPAP therapy for treatment of their OSA.

We also examined the effect of CPAP therapy and CPAP compliance on improvement of nGER. We investigated the effects of OSA severity, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and supine position on nGER symptoms. In our study, we compared the polysomnographic characteristics of OSA patients with and without nGER.

Gonzalez R, Dunkel R, Koletzko B, Schusdziarra V, Allescher HD. Effect of capsaicin-containing red pepper sauce suspension on upper gastrointestinal motility in healthy volunteers. Schmidt B, Hammer J, Holzer P, Hammer HF. Chemical nociception in the jejunum induced by capsaicin.

One of the benefits of drinking alkaline water is its ability to help reduce instances of acid reflux due to high levels of acid in the stomach and from the food you eat. We have demonstrated that COPD patients with GORD have a higher incidence rate of admission to the ICU and mechanical ventilation use than those without GORD during the first year following their GORD diagnosis than COPD patients without GORD. GORD symptoms are an important risk factor associated with AECOPD, which is the principal etiological factor precipitating the majority of unscheduled visits and hospitalizations for patients with COPD. The authors hope that these results will encourage physicians treating COPD patients with GORD to exercise caution and be cognizant of their increased risk for severe outcomes. Nevertheless, while our study is the first to identify the prospective impact of GORD on ICU admission and mechanical ventilator use among COPD patients, our results need to be interpreted through a number of limitations.

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chi machine acid reflux
chi machine acid reflux

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