Does Colief help with colic/silent reflux??

Showing classic signs of silent reflux. We started her on rantidine and thickened her bottles. She still screams after eating for a good 10 mins I’ve tried gas drops and colic calm.

wow great article! well my baby is almost 2 months old and he is severely constipated. It all started suddenly after hep B vaccine at one month age. Thats what i noticed.

When the baby then finally does go to sleep, it falls into deep sleep which causes muscles to relax – one of those being the diaphragm muscle which then means that the stomach acid is more likely to creep back up, again causing baby to wake in discomfort. I set up a routine with Rupert very early on, and he was falling asleep on his own after a song and a cuddle from as soon as he was able to without being milk drunk.

Some babies are more sensitive to stimulation than others. It’s also believed that a colicky baby may be reacting to gas, acid reflux, or a food allergy, though research on this is not conclusive. Colic typically starts when babies are around 3 weeks old and ends when they reach 3 to 4 months.

Silent reflux can affect sleep in not so obvious ways, unless you really know and have experience of how babies sleep. Day time sleep can often be awful, with the baby refusing to settle or having “cat naps” rather than nice long sleeps in the day. Of course, there are many babies who cannot do these long naps for other reasons (an ability to link their sleep cycles, self-settle, overtiredness), but I had helped Rupert learn all of these skills, and knew that he was never awake for longer than he should be for his age (1hr 30 minutes), so I just knew it had to be something else. -Day sleep went to pot! This was not a common “I feed or rock my baby to sleep” scenario where he was then waking up after a sleep cycle because he needed help again.

Babies with colic often respond well to being held. Being close to you is comforting.

My baby does not sleep perfectly! It’s probably one of the most frustrating things to admit when your sole job is getting babies to sleep well – but it is true. See the thing is, in my workshops and with private clients, I will always tell parents that you can always get a baby to sleep well both in the day time and throughout the night, with a little bit of hard work and determination from you as a parent and a little bit of help and support from myself. You see, my first child, Caitlyn, now three, had suffered terribly with silent reflux. From two weeks old, she screamed constantly and never slept.

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I did this and some custard another time and spat the whole thing up. Really sour smell too. He can have a bottle and an hour later have some solids and will spew up milk.

This band opens when food is about to enter the stomach and then closes so that food remains in the stomach. However in premature babies this band of muscle is weak and doesn’t close properly, so food can go back into the food pipe and into the mouth. This is known as reflux, when partially digested milk or food enters back into the mouth. If your baby’s crying persists or if you have any concerns regarding your baby’s health or wellbeing, you should seek professional medical advice without delay. it was interesting to know that reflux babies are as smiley and happy as other babies.

just wanted to tell you, i feel your pain. Rosie has been suffering from what i think is colic/ silent reflux terribly it started when she was about 2weeks old (basically coinciding with the increase in formula being given to top up breast milk) originally she was on Aptamil and Avent bottles but we have since changed to Aptamil Comfort (reduced lactose), Dr Browns bottles and Infacol. It hasnt completely cured it, we still have bouts of writhing about and gagging/choking but it seems to happen less often. Rosie also refuses to burp during night feeds no matter what we do and she loves her dummy to bits, thats the only thing that settles her most times.

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