Family tree Hans Gerd Mausen

1900-1971 , child of Jean Niclas Peter Barbara and Hans Friob, committed to Marie Mausen in 1926. 1834- , youngster of Jean Nicolas and Marie Barbe Thomas, hitched to Catherine Josephe Beaupain in 1856. 1769-1814 , boy of Jean (Johann) and Elisabeth Biver, hitched to Catharina Kaufmann in 1795. 1885-1972 , daughter of Jean and Anne Marie Gaul, married to Clara Book in 1908.

1843-1871 , son of Nicolas Pint modo Anna and Cheffers Maria Hoscheit, committed to Gertrude Peters in 1861. 1849-1873 , boy of Nicolas Pint modo Cheffers and Anna Maria Hoscheit. ca 1746-1782 , child of Susanne and Nicolas Welferding, married to Catherina Schmid in 1777. ca 1811-1884 , boy of Marguerite and Gerard Thilges, married to Marie Theres Picqueray in 1836, Marie Josephine Boulard in 1876.

1777-1839 , boy of Barbe and Jean Hannesch, wedded to Anne Catherine Bruckeler in 1831.

1844- , son of Jacob and Susanne Pauels, committed to Anna Maria Mausen in 1870. 1820-1849 , boy of Maria and Jean Lajeune, wedded to Anna Maria Rolle (Rolling) in 1844. 1844- , youngster of Peter and Anna Kirsch, committed to Marie Werding in 1867. 1811- , child of Jean and Ani Maria Betz, married to Maria Elisabeth Pint in 1841.

1836-1917 , daughter of Nicolas Mathias and Susanna Blum, married to Anne Marie Fabrizius in 1864. 1871-1948 , daughter of Andrew d and Anna Marie Weiller, wedded to Marguerite Mulbach in 1898. 1876- , daughter of Philip and Anna Marie Weiller, committed to Catharina Mulbach in 1902. 1782-1835 , son of Valentin Kinnen and Elisabeth Pisch, committed to Anne Catherine Lanners in 1807. 1675- , son of Jean Marie and Michel Debeur, wedded to Elisabeth Scholtes in 1701.

1870- , son of Hubert and Anna Maria Foellers, married to Margaretha Manderfeld in 1889. 1818- , daughter of Antoine Joseph and Maria Franziska Goffart, committed to Maria Catharina Bruels in 1852, Anna Mausen in 1865.

1868- , child of Jean Marguerite and Nicolas Mausen, married to Elisabeth Mathias in 1896. 1907- , youngster of Jean and Marie Closter, committed to Catherine Koetz in 1938. 1832- , daughter of Pierre and Anne Marie Draut, hitched to Marguerite Heber in 1862.

1819-1887 , son of Peter and Margaretha Roellen, wedded to Marie Salomé Schleck in 1843. 1843- , boy of Mathias Justen and Barbara Girgen (Giergen), committed to Margaretha Thomé in 1872, Barbara Jousten in 1876, Maria Catharina Stoffels in 1886. 1812- , son of Bartholomaeus and Anna Maria Vossen, committed to Margaretha Schleck in 1841.

1743-1808 , daughter of Jean Jacques and Anne Marie Geisen, wedded to Anna Gengeler in 1779. 1862-1865 , kid of Nicolas and Marie Catherine Penning or Penin. 1835-1882 , son of Nicolas and Marie Catherine Schrub, married to Catherine Welter in 1864. 1778-1855 , son of Marie and Michel Mertens, married to Anne Maria Pauly in 1805, Marguerite Zenner in 1814. 1831- , daughter of Nicolas and Anne Catherine Bruckeler, married to Catherine Zoenen in 1862.

and Anne Marguerite Fohl, married to Marie Catherine Stoffel in 1890. 1837-1899 , youngster of Jean Catherine and Pierre Toussaint, hitched to Marie Clementine Petit in 1887.

1816- , kid of Dominique and Anne Marie Strassen, committed to Marguerite Berscheid in 1863. 1731-1803 , child of Jean Elisabeth and Scholer D.N., married to Marguerite Berscheid in 1783. 1859- , boy of Jean and Josephine Traudt, committed to Marie Scheidweiler in 1889.

1860- , child of D.N. N.In.

hans-gerd schmitz

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