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“Soraya D´s” mother, “It´s Nanook”, arrives from the “Ico” youngster “Ilasso”, a dark-colored white tobiano stallion, which grew to become first and just various colored HLP winner in Medingen at that time against large uni-colored competition and it was initially productive actually up to the major class in dressage. At the mothersite this stallion connects the outlines of the Hannoveraner stallion “Lasso” (of the Trakehner stallion “Lateran”)and of the exception total blood vessels stallion “Ladykiller xx” and the profitable Hannoveraner stallion “Feiner Kerl”.

Its mommy, the dark brown whitened tobiano mare “Icona”, is certainly a daughter of the 1990 developed dark bright tobiano stallion “Icon”, moreover a son of the Nederlander stallion “Ico”. “Icon” should go at the mothersite back to the Hannoveraner stallion “Widerruf”, “Widerhall”, “Florentiner” mainly because nicely as to the Trakehner stallion “Frohsinn”. It was basically victoriously in dressage till the instruction M/B and M/A om philippines, in St. George dressage it authorized placements and victories to Intermediare I . On the mothersite “It´s Apanatschy” comes from the Westfalian gray mare “Silvana”, a child of the flourishing Holsteiner stallion “Salinator” (its dad can be the grey stallion “Silbersee”, which was initially really successful in global leaping).

“Soraya D´s” fahter is certainly the genial dark-brown tobiano stallion “Samenco K”. Non Cease provides won various battles and derbies under the saddle of Nelson Pessoa and Tony Hassman.. Non End has earned several derbies and contests under the seat of Nelson Pessoa and Tony Hassman.} As well, his children are usually bursting through on intercontinental level.

“Soraya Chemical´s” fahter is definitely the dark-brown tobiano stallion “Samenco K”. dark bright white tobiano stallion “Icon”, similarly a youngster of the Dutch rolling stallion “Ico”.

“Iron” was not prolonged to work with as stallion because of its superb sports activity career in the foreground. “It´s Apanatschy” was basically given birth to in the calendar year 2000 near the german community Koblenz. Its half-sister “It´s Nanook” I acquired as a yearling 4 a long time back. At this period “It´s Apanatschy” was initially infoaled from the stallion “Lucky Luke” from “Landgraf” and somewhat inconspicuous.

On the mothersite “Icon” should go back on the Hannoveraner stallions “Widerhall”, “Widerruf” and “Florentiner” as very well as on the Trakehner stallion “Frohsinn”. It was basically in dressage up to the instruction M/M and T/A victoriously, he registered positions in St. Georg and victories up to Intermediare I also. “It´s Apanatschy” is likely the just child of the shaded stallion “Iron”, a simply among playing bikers mentioned, great effectiveness and examined “Ico”-son, which can be offered in the leaping haven upward to the weighty school of Annemieke Sloothak.

gerd wildfang
gerd wildfang

The world-well-known dark-brown white tobiano stallion “Samber” was successful both in leaping and in dressage up to school S i9000/Intermediare I and had been a legend previously during lives. “Icon” is certainly continued, that all of its descendants moves a unbelievably hypersensitive sort of speaking with its rider.

Of the season 2007 I observed a sales announcement of its breeder At the end. Since I discovered my fantasy equine “It´s Nanook”, which accomplished more than my targets, I chose to look at me also at “It´s Apanatschy”. the initial foal of my broodmare “It´s Nanook”.

During recent yrs, he possesses long been demonstrated in leaping courses upwards to 1.50m by Gerd, Hendrik and Janne. A puissance has been won by him course by eradicating 2. 10m and the six club challenges at Elmlohe and Rastede. Casiro is certainly a special sire for all exercises.

gerd wildfang

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