Going Metal Thread 2012

Adrien was right about that King Giant record, its really good. Especially with the just announced support tour they’re doing with Opeth & Mastodon. I got sent a promo for the I Exist album, so I’m not sure if its out yet or on Spotify. Yeah, its definitely nowhere as good as Kylesa, but they kept popping to mind while I listened. Also, its not the fault of the band if the venue’s “cheery” intercom announcements ruined the mood.

After a seven year wait between 2003′s A Natural Disaster and 2010′s We’re Here Because We’re Here, it’s safe to say that fans are grateful that the English post-prog rock group didn’t make them wait as long for a new album. In America, the answer is “basically nobody.” Their record sales were so low (and their insurance requirements so high) that they didn’t tour the US for a solid decade.

Wow, I have a busy as hell day at work with no time for ilx and you guys go crazy with the good discussion. Die Hard is probably my favorite movie, but I’m not going to claim that it’s the best movie ever made. I’d say that Master of Puppets is the best Metallica album, but Ride the Lightning is still my favorite. For example, Die Hard is probably my favorite movie, but I’m not going to claim that it’s the best movie ever made. I just think there are certain criteria that need to be weighed when putting together an end of year list, especially if it’s supposed to be representing the publication and not just your personal favorites – and there is a difference, myname.

Booker was then forced to reschedule to a larger venue because Nachtmystium apparently hasn’t played here either at all or since the first record (not sure on that part), so their fans helped sell out the smaller venue very quickly. I hope the show goes on – line of storms coming through an hour before show time with tornados and torrential rain, and huge numbers of power outages expected. and pretty much everything these guys have ever done is way, WAY OTT. Oh wow, you guys, I’ve never listened to a Sigh record before and I’m listning to In Somniphobia right now.

And the new Eïs might make up for my disappointment with the new Khors in the pagan black metal realm. See them if you can, for they are better live than on record. I’d be willing to give them a bit more time but not an album’s worth, at least based on my sampling. I keep going back to the record because so many of you guys love it, but I just can’t get past her voice no matter how I try.

Why does this stuff go down whenever I go away for the weekend?. I have no issue with you at all so please do watch the “fuck you” stuff. I need people spreading shit about me like this like I need a hole in the fucking head.

I think that you could do with some pictures to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog post. I bookmarked it to my favorites website list and will be checking back soon. Your article is outstanding; the matter is something that not many people are speaking intelligently about.

I’m actually really surprised at the reception the Woods of Ypres album has been getting. It’s really wrong that good metal can’t make you impervious to car accidents.

I’ve often never let the outside the music behaviors of a band influence my like of their music, but often times such behaviors and attitudes influence that music, so it makes it really hard to swallow. If I cared what people thought of my taste I’d barely listen to any metal and certainly nothing ace like Maiden and Slayer. Ironically I haven’t been stoned since before I started listening to a lot of stoner rock/metal the past several years. I gotta confess, they’re usually a band I admire more than actually listen to for pleasure, a few killer songs aside (“Born Too Late” etc.), but this record is really, really solid.

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The Medusa reissue, due February 12th, marks the venerated reissue label’s first foray into the outer reaches of proto-metal, scuzzball garage, frazzled psychedelia, and spit polish glam that will be rolling out throughout the calendar year, including a companion compilation to First Step Beyond due Fall of 2013. “Faceless Mistress” – demo version, previously unreleased and self produced by the band.

The one stoner/sludge album I love right now is Giant King’s Dismal Hollow. I’m pretty generous when it comes to Southern sludge sounding stuff. Listening to the new album by Australia’s I Exist, II: The Broken Passage. Ugh, I gave up after the paragraph where he brought up illegible band logos for the third time.

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I know lots of people are enjoying Roadburn or whatever, but I’ll settle for The Heritage Hunter Tour tomorrow night. Swedish black metal horde Watain have been forced to pull out of the first four shows of their previously announced Decibel Magazine Tour—scheduled to begin tomorrow (April in Columbus, Ohio—due to delays in the visa process. I’ve only been reviewing stuff for a local but great music site for a little bit, so I don’t want to be wasting anyone’s time. * BLACK METAL The protagonist IS the dragon, dwells in the heart of the night with in a castle full of hellhounds and eternal flames. And yeah, watch out for Ancestors, they’re going to blow a lot of people away with their debut this summer.

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