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Laemmle’s design firm bueroplasz thus operates from a new van de Velde interior. Since that time he has refurbished it room by space, unmasking most of the van para Velde remodeling of 1908–09 once thought to have already been lost. Laemmle, founder of both the Weimar and Brussels venues of Passion, Function, Beauty, bought Schloss Lauterbach, the former house of Arnold Esche, inside 2004. Van de Velde published this memo since Denkschrift in the Cranach Push in 1915. In this particular report, dated April 20, 1908, van de Velde singled out the function of Carl Gebauer for special praise.

Show panel of an electric golf device with a new computer generated icon D0849790 Cl. D14‑492. Thin-film capacitor manufacturing method, integrated signal mounting substrate, and semiconductor device equipped with typically the substrate 10306770 Cl. H05K 3/303.

Citation: Jane Van Nimmen, “Henry van de Velde Year in Germany and Belgium: Part Two, inch Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 13, no . The unattributed photo illustrates a brief article on van de Velde’s personality by Klaus-Jürgen Sembach in the Chemnitz 2013 exhibition catalogue, Henry truck de Velde and Edvard Munch (. Kurt von Mutzenbecher’s art collection, which include works by Munch (Christiania), Paul Signac, Paul Gauguin, Théo Van Rysselberghe, and others, was exhibited for ten days from November twenty-five, 1904, in the Great Ducal Museum for Artwork and Arts and Crafts, Weimar, along with furniture designed by van sobre Velde for the Wiesbaden commission. The exhibition traveled to the Neues Museum, Weimar, in 2003 (with the German edition of their magnificent catalogue), then found in 2005 to Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, in addition to the National Printing Modern society in London; see Steve Dieter Brinks, ed., The particular Book as a Thing of beauty: The Cranach Press of Count up Harry Kessler, exh.

Healey, Jennifer A.; Lachman, Lama; Wouhaybi, Rita H.; and Raffa, Giuseppe, to Intel Corporation Effecting affective state through sport technology 10300381 Cl. A63F 13/46. Image forming apparatus that will facilitates confirmation of buy of pages and graphic forming system 10306093 Cl. H04N 1/2162. Hayashi, Sadafuku; in order to NEC Corporation Communication method, base station, host node, and communication method 10306587 Cl. H04W 68/005.

Federal Minister associated with Economic Cooperation and Advancement, 2013–present

Handshaw, Darran Michael; Giordano, Joseph D.; Barkan, Edward; and Drzymala, Mark, to Symbol Technologies, LLC Imaging module for assisting printed circuit boards within a predetermined angular connection inside an imaging reader, and method of assemblage 10306117 Cl. H04N 5/2252. Hampton, John; and Wallace, Greg, to FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY ORGANIZATION Filtration system and technique 10300411 Cl. B01D 29/50. Halker, Ravi; Tripathi, Manish; in addition to Dimke, Bernward, to WiTricity Corporation Systems, methods, plus apparatus related to mutual detection and identification of electrical vehicle and charging station 10300805 Cl. B60L 11/1846. Wahl, Henry van de Velde in Weimar (2007; as with note, 141–5. The prospectus for the Dresden 1906 exhibition is reprinted in Wahl, Henry van sobre Velde in Weimar (2007, as with note, 149–52.

Hashizume, Jun; to be able to SONY CORPORATION Continuous result of frames with regular frame rate 10306159 Cl. H04N 5/343. Hasegawa, Maki; and Shiraishi, Takuya, to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Semiconductor module 10305411 Cl. H02P 27/06. Hasan, Masum Z.; Cheong, Elaine; and Morrow, Monique Jeanne, in order to Cisco Technology, Inc.


Howlader, Mostofa K.; to RAYTHEON COMPANY System and method for body synchronization 10305631 Cl. H04L 1/006. Houghton, Michael; Law, Steve L.; Logan, Michael; Hockman, Darren; and Landi, Abdolamir, to THE GOVERNORS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA Hepatitis C virus immunogenic arrangement and methods of use thereof 10300131 Cl. A61K 39/29. Hough, Ted; Abb, Aaron; and Branam, Tim, to NuScale Power, LLC Actuating a nuclear reactor security device 10304575 Cl. G21C 9/02. Hough, Matthew Andrew; Corcoran, Christopher; and Beattie, Jeffrey S., to United Technology Corporation Gas turbine engine with seal having protrusions 10301958 Cl. F01D 11/006. Hou, Ji-Wei; Yuan, Zhi-Quan; Liu, Kai; Liu, Peng; Jiang, Kai-Li; and Fan, Shou-Shan, to Tsinghua University Technique for writing, reading in addition to erasing data of period change memory apparatus 10304533 Cl. G11C 13/0069.

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Hårdemark, Björn; to RaySearch Laboratories AB Technique and system for uncertainness based radiotherapy treatment preparing 10300300 Cl. A61N 5/1031. Hanson, Scott; to Hush Pal, LLC Sleep training youngster night light 10300242 Cl. A61M 21/02. Hansen, Ronald T.; and Young, Christopher D., to Clark Equipment Business Variable engine speed command 10302027 Cl. F02D 29/04.

hans-gerd krumbach

Han, Junyu; in order to Beijing Baidu Netcom Research and Technology Co., LTD. Jennard, James H.; Lever, Sean; Smith, Craig; Beurk, Todd; McEvilly, Brian; in addition to Hamming, John 10306116 Craigslist. H04N 5/2252. Hamilton, Kevin L.; Magisson, Emmanuel Regis; Soldan, Daniel; Good, Grant Lewis; Figger, Robert L.; plus Bollinger, Shane A., to be able to AGCO Corporation Bale recognition assembly for binding a great identification tag to a new bale of agricultural crop material 10303997 Cl. G06K 19/07773. Hamilton, Kevin J; to AGCO Corporation Adjustable damping for planter row device 10299424 Cl. A01C 5/064.

Henry, Paul Shala; Vannucci, Giovanni; and Willis, III, Thomas M., to be able to AT&T Intellectual Property We, L. P. Henrikson, Erik M.; Wood, Paul D.; Hart, John; Jertson, Marty R.; and Schweigert, Bradley D., to Karsten Developing Corporation Golf club minds with turbulators and procedures to manufacture golf membership heads with turbulators 10300349 Cl. A63B 53/0466.

hans-gerd krumbach

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