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But what symptoms can we look out for that might indicate a potential heart problem? David Newby, BHF John Wheatley Professor of Cardiology at the BHF Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Edinburgh, tells us more about 11 signs that could mean it’s time to see a doctor.

Those tests can include blood work, urine/stool tests, or an X-ray or ultrasound. Sometimes the doctor shall perform an upper endoscopy to see inside your stomach.

but I wasn’t able. Two weeks and 3 doctors appointments later I was diagnosed with GERD. I am 16, and I was told to make lifestyle changes such as cutting out dairy, greasy foods, spicy foods, chocolate, soda, and any citrus foods. Do you know how hard this is?

Omeprazole is an acid-suppressing medicine that is licensed for use in pregnancy to treat dyspepsia that is still troublesome despite any lifestyle changes and antacids. Omeprazole needs to be taken to be effective regularly.

The first thing you should consider if you notice that your back pain is worse after eating is that it may not be the food that is causing pain. Consider what your posture is like when you eat.

In this case we can concentrate on treating your symptoms with a combination of diet and medication. This article, written by an expert in gastroenterology, discusses the symptoms, causes, and treatments for indigestion . This is a very common condition affecting people of all ages. This article will help those suffering from persistent symptoms who would like to know how indigestion can be eased.

When you have a kidney infection, . one of the symptoms you may notice is pain near one or both of your kidneys back. Other symptoms, such as more frequent urination, a burning sensation when urinating, and abdominal pain are also often present. A kidney infection is a potentially serious health problem and should be treated promptly.. A kidney infection is a serious health problem and should be treated promptly potentially.} If you have pain after eating back, you may assume that the discomfort is related to a digestive problem..

I have anxiety about going to bed because I have woken up many nights with rapid heart rates, bloating, gas, pain. I know that there are people suffering worse illnesses than me but I sometimes I just can’t help but get really down about it. My original symptoms started when I was about 10 years old. I was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer.

(It tends to slow down the gastrointestinal muscles while it causes the muscles of the gallbladder to contract.) Therefore, it is possible that fat may worsen indigestion even though it doesn’t cause it. Moreover, reducing the ingestion of fat might relieve symptoms. A strict low fat diet can be accomplished fairly easily and is worth trying. Additionally, there are other health-related reasons for reducing dietary fat.

Find out where oesophageal cancer can spread and about how treatment can control your symptoms. Oesophageal cancer starts in the food pipe, also known as your oesophagus or gullet. The oesophagus is the tube that carries food from your mouth to your stomach. Antacids are meant to work against the acid in your system.

It has been the struggle of my life. I am on medications which vary in results and length of the total results. Now the problem has become so severe that when I am sleeping, my stomach contents come out my mouth and nose.

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