How to Test for Low HCL Acid in the Stomach

Delayed gastric emptying can cause reflux into the esophagus. Upper GI series or barium swallow.

In nearly all these folks, symptoms have been relieved and digestion improved when they’ve taken supplemental hydrochloric acid and pepsin capsules. When we carefully test people over age forty who’re having heartburn, indigestion and gas, over 90 percent of the time we find inadequate acid production by the stomach.

Drs. said no, but offer no alternatives. Like a lots of other chronic conditions, this condition seems to be ignored by medical world, as it’s “not immediately life threatening”. Hi.

It is important that you are addressing your diet and not only eliminating certain things, but getting on a plan to actually heal the gut- like SCD or something similar. Secondly, we suggest sticking with either ACV or HCL when choosing to supplement for low stomach acid. If you haven’t been able to reduce your dosage, you may have an underlying cause for your low stomach acid that needs to be addressed.

This is the bacteria fermenting the foods instead of it being absorbed into the body. I did eat ice cream tonight, during the Presidential debates. Needed some comfort food to combat the stress this election is causing me!!! Could this cause the burning in my stomach. We don’t recommend using HCL if you’re already using a PPI or other acid-blocker, and you should work with your doctor to wean off any medication they’ve prescribed.

I had already assumed that a deficiency of nutrients and minerals was the cause, but three things in study that were specifically named as thing needed are zinc, thiamine, and B vitamins. Is this true? I’m thinking that if it is true and I have confirmation from experts like yourselves, supplementing with those may give my body what it’s missing so it can start creating it’s own HCL again.

Still made a green smoothie (spinach, banana, flaxseed, a bit of almonds, ginger, turmeric). Took one HCL capsule. Barely finished the smoothie, felt more nauseous, had the urge to poop, pooped a little bit of some blackish, watery substance with undigested small bits of, I think, nuts. Felt so very fatigued, went to bed. Headache increased, so I took two ibuprofens, drank coffee (for its magnesium content, as I read online), fell immediately asleep for a short time.

Here’s the Quick, at Home Way to See if You Have Low Stomach Acid

I’ve been trying to figure out my dose. I do always feel some warmness in my belly when I take it, but it disappears pretty fast.

how to test your stomach acid levels


in water first thing in the morning also helps. Please help. I have been on Prilosec for 8 yrs.

The primary purpose of the acid is just to activate the various digestive enzymes needed to break down protein in our food. Just how long does it take for stomach acid to break down food?

Heartburn is described as a burning chest pain. It begins behind the breastbone and moves up to the neck and throat. It can last as long as 2 hours. It is often worse after eating.

Left untreated, hypochlorhydria can cause damage to the gastrointestinal (GI) system, infections, and a number of chronic health issues. In theory, if your stomach is producing adequate amounts of stomach acid you’ll likely burp within two to three minutes. Any burping after three minutes may indicate a low acid level.

Check if you have acid reflux

burp time of more than 6 min to less than 4. I am so happy to be on the road to healing. I am so happy that I do not have to try my doctors next step which was a scope that, no doubt, would have cost me my entire $800 deductible. So annoying that the doctor did nothing to find out what was wrong, just assumed I was the same as everyone else (who really aren’t the same) and put me on the dangerous “miracle pill” of omeprazole. Thank you for your help and for educating us on the truth.

I was diagnosed with colitis a long time ago and more recently a hiatal hernia. With a hiatal hernia will the same treatments work that do for typical low stomach acid? My doc has me on dexilant and when I don’t take the drug my nausea is even worse. I tried stopping it and sticking to SCD, but the nausea came back even worse and had to use the med again.

Your healthcare provider may order imaging tests to look for tumors. So glad that I looked at this sight. I’ve decided my doctor of 15 years isn’t interested in digging into my problem’ it’s all about this test that test and more prescriptions.

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