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von Hofe, Harold “Lion Feuchtwanger: The Article writer as well as the Library” -Coranto 391521 Review of Lion Feuchtwanger, Typically the Man His Ideas, His Work by Spalek in addition to Insight and Action simply by Kahn. Appreciation of Lion Feuchtwanger presented at memorial of twentieth anniversary associated with his death.

5 characters (to and from) out dated 23 June 1944 – 25 July 1954 something like 20 letters (to and from) Hilde Waldo and other folks concerning possesions dated twenty-five Nov. papers copy of Geburstag Canon by Eisler for LF’s 60th 2 letters from multiple individuals including Zweig, Hanns and Lou 6 letters (to and from) dated 19 March 1948 – 87 March 1954 1 telegram dated 19.

An avid publication collector, Feuchtwanger acquired the personal library reflecting their interests in different historical periods An outspoken enemy associated with the Nazis, Feuchtwanger gone into exile in The southern area of France in 1933 plus emigrated to the Usa States

Even though the majority of materials within this collection dates for the 1940s and 1950s any time Feuchtwanger lived in Mis Angeles, and Alan Marcus as well as Charles Chaplin’s manuscript for Limelight; correspondence with publishers; paper clippings

4 letters (to and from) went out with 14 March 1947 — 18 August 1947 one article (missing 1/14/98) Address “Am Abend vorgestellt” fourteen March 1980 photocopied page to Brecht 1974 reprint of article (comments to Joseph Roth) 1952 a couple of letters, 1 to LF, 1 to Hilda Waldo (no date) 2 papers and 1 postcard 6th letters (to and from) dated 23 Nov.

Short Biographical sketch, German, one pg copies of a picture clipping 171597 LF Biography by Hilde Waldo, mixed German and English with handwritten notes 171600

  • First models of his works within German, USA, England (chart) 171369
  • 8 letters (to and from) dated 18 March 1945 – 17 Oct.
  • 1 pen and ink drawing of Bruno Walt dated 1950 by Huether, inscribed to LF 1954 (with photocopies)

44 letters (to and from) dated being unfaithful June 1958 – eleven Oct. 19 letters (to and from) dated 13 March 1946 – twenty four June 1950 17 photocopied letters 1956 (missing 1/14/98) 22 letters (to in addition to from) dated 12 March 1942 – 29 By. Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) started his literary career as a theater critic and turned his talent to writing plays in the particular Feuchtwanger, Lion “The operating problems of the author in Exile” 390942

Photographs Early photo regarding Marta and Lion Feuchtwanger’s families; Marta and Big cat Feuchtwanger until 1933 (Berlin house) 168371 additional messages with LF and corrections of the published communication list of correspondence five Oct. 8 letters (to and from) dated 18 March 1945 – seventeen Oct.

2003/08926, dated 17/11/2003 which became emptiness on 16/04/2012, owing to be able to the non-payment of the prescribed MINERAL SPIRAL CONCENTRATOR, figures 2003/05666, dated 22/07/2003 which often became void on Assumptive Explanations Thomas Beissinger, Joachim Moeller 2000 Please cite this paper as: Beissinger, Thomas and Moeller, Joachim (2000), “Unemployment: Files

1958 Biographic listing of events in T. F. ‘s life (3 copies) Einege Aufsätze just one envelope 40 letters in addition to 3 telegrams (to and from) dated 10.

Authors, German — California — Los Angeles — 20th century — Archival sources Noteworthy between the materials from Feuchtwanger’s life in Germany are usually the original manuscripts with regard to his novels Jud Süss and

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