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[0055] Embodiments of the color composition described herein supply certain improved physical plus chemical properties as in comparison with current formulations. Typically the paint composition may furthermore be utilized with some other surfaces as a topping, sealer, or covering for concrete surfaces. The area of the material might be sanded, machined, extruded, molded or else formed in to any desired shape simply by various processes known in the art. The dietary fiber cement building material may possibly be a porous substance comprising one or even more different materials for instance a gypsum composite, cement composite, geopolymer composite or other composites having an inorganic binding.

Examples of functional extenders include, for example, barium sulphate, light weight aluminum silicate, magnesium silicate, ba (symbol) sulphate, calcium carbonate, clay-based, gypsum, silica, and talcum powder. [0030] Paint products described may also include other additives useful together with paints, such as plasticizer, anti-foam agent, pH adjuster (amine or ammonia), tinting color, and biocide.

Appropriately, a coating composition described herein typically has through about 30% to about 80% total solids or from about 40% to about 70% by weight. [0031] In add-on, a formulation described herein may include one or even more functional extenders to be able to increase coverage, reduce price, achieve durability, alter physical appearance, control rheology, and/or influence other desirable properties. Scuh coating additives are typically present in the formulation within an amount from about zero to about 18% simply by weight or up to 18 by weight and from about 1 to be able to about 15% by excess weight based on the total weight regarding the formulation.

[0050] The specimens used in the illustrations above was representative of a fiber cement building material. Briefly, samples were sealed and painted together with a paint composition described herein (represented by potager in FIGS. 4 shows representative images illustrating much less damage to the painted surface of a formula described herein (top images) as compared with typically the commercial paint (bottom images). 3 shows representative photos showing superior performance associated with a paint formulation referred to herein (top) as Paper towels were used to remove water from the area of each specimen right after soaking.

for West Omaha Utility Reconstruc- tion, Project #15-2316/CIP 50904. 1 for an boost of $6, 061. 00. for Executive Golf Course Drainage Channel, Project #18-2428/CIP 51196 to have an increase regarding $5, 874. 60. with regard to Pavement Rehabilita- tion Job Berry Boulevard, Project #17-2413/CIP 50549 to have an increase associated with $24, 103. 78 a few.

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Instead, a portion of the water is replaced by a new polymer when dispersing the pigment. [0039] Together with paint formulations described thus, desirable properties are finest achieved with a paint that is not water sensitive. A dispersant, coalescent, and lots of other additives are additional mixed in the normal water. most cases the thickener is a cellulosic compound that swells in drinking water. As viscosity aids inside dispersion, thickeners are and then included with the water in this typical process.

1 depicts a representative evaluation of water absorption on sealed substrates applied with a paint composition explained herein (square) versus one more commercial paint (triangle); thaw resistance and reduces normal water ingress as compared together with another paint formulation with no same sized polymeric contaminants. The paint formulation regarding claim 1, wherein the pigment includes a pigment dispersing aid that will be a water sensitive salt or potassium salt associated with an organic compound. The paint formulation of declare 1, wherein the binding is a polymer blend in what type of typically the binders is a fiuoro-acrylic polymer. The paint ingredients of claim 1, where water is added independently and the added water comprises 35% by weight or less.

While, a typical process depends on water as the dispersion medium. The added water is typically from concerning 5% to about 60 per cent by weight, and through about 8% to concerning 35% by weight. [0033] Paint compositions herein are typically formulated to add at least about 30% by volume of dried out solids. Preferred examples consist of but are not limited to barium sulphate, ROZONE™ 2000, BUSAN™ 1292, BUSAN 11Ml, BUSAN 11M2, and BUSAN 1440 (trademarks of Rohm & Haas Company, Phila., PA, or its subsidiaries or affiliates); POLYPHASE ® [0032] In many embodiments, it will end up being desirable to include a biocide or mildewicide, or perhaps fungicide to the preparations described herein.

[0028] A thickener and rheology modifer is roofed for enhancing spreading, handling, and application of the paint formula, when desired. [0026] Examples of suitable surface-active dispersing or wetting providers include those available below the trade designations, such as STRODEX™ KK-95H, STRODEX™ PLFlOO, STRODEX™ PKOVOC, STRODEX™ LFK LFK70, STRODEX™ SEK50D, and DEXTROL ®

1) or for about forty-eight hours in salt water solution of three. 5% sodium chloride (FIG. Specimens were dried out and then soaked with regard to up to twenty four hours within water (FIG. For all those specimens, the paint layer applied was approximately 1 . 5-2. 0 mil thick upon the face of typically the substrate and 0. 5-1. 0 mil thick upon the back. [0043] Assessments of water plus salt absorption, freeze-thaw resistance, film formation, thermal stability, flexibility and light toughness were made with preparations described herein.

The paint formulation of claim 1, wherein typically the formulation has a high gloss less than about 20 units. The paint ingredients of claim 1, wherein the binder is a polymeric blend at a bodyweight percent of 30-50%.

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Color was applied to the particular top surface of typically the substrate at a weight equivalent to 0. 0009 mil DFT and granted to dry to 160-180° F BST in a new track convection oven following each coat. In to a stainless steel steel vessel, 302 h acrylic polymer A in addition to 58 g distilled normal water were charged.

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