Paid for the code, I possess the right to know what I paid for. ode paid by the people must be available to the people.

When that is financed by general public money it should be free. Open up Soucre software can end up being audited thus checked with regard to tampering, improves cyber security, transparency, greater independence through lobbyists. All software funded by public funds need to be released under the Free Software licence.

It is paramount that this people have access to the code that was produced with funds provided by the individuals. For the good of all, open source code enables for greater security and better experience for citizens. I believe in open source and it should be honest for the governement to produce software they make for the good of the public.

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  • IMO *free software* (not only OSS) MUST be mandated legally, we can’t simply take private “knowledge” in the society.
  • The softwares funded with public funds as to become a common resource.
  • Allows no cost improvements and transparency into the tools we believe in every day.
  • As a software developer, using and adding to Open Source feels very natural.
  • FOSS guarantees power to fix roundabout pains (to other departments, to public) that vendors don’t have incentive to correct.
  • Public field infrastructure financed by general public money means we require to see the computer code.

Closed resource software is against the curiosity of the public plus should therefore not end up being publicly financed. We want/need the Free Software, thus this should be paid along with public money. Don’t devote public money on private software theirs are negative for citizens. I completely agree with the open letter: public money, general public code.

ReflexLibre believes libre softwares increase the quality, the transparency and the possibilities in order to create. Open software is usually more democratic, secure, plus has greater economic benefit.

By making the software available for public examination, security will be increased for those. Making public loaned code open source is usually the only right factor todo. No more security through obscurity because that doesn’t work, if that’s the particular reason code isn’t shared publicly.

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