A More General Ingredients, and Description of Another Calculus. ” Journal regarding the Optical Society associated with America 37(: 107-110. 4. ” Journal of the Optical Society of America 32(: 486-493. The Sohncke theory of optical exercise. ” Journal of the Optical Society of The usa 31 (: 500-503. Information and discussion of the calculus. ” Journal of the Optical Society of The usa 31(: 488-493. Jiao, Shuliang et al., “Depth-Resolved Two-Dimensional Stokes Vectors of Backscattered Light and Mueller Matrices of Biological Tissue Assessed with Optical Coherence Tomography, ” Applied Optics, volume.

(of Louveciennes), the French canonist who had written (probably in regards to prologue in order to Gratian’s Decretum. Glosses upon the Decretum MANUSCRIPTS: None of them of the copies contains lots of isolated glosses, notice R. Glosses, most of them were extracted from his / her Summa, although a few search for back to an earlier stage of Paucapalea’s educating. EDITION: None, although inside his several books in addition to articles, Rudolf Weigand offers published extensive excerpts.

“Retinal thickness measurements from optic coherence tomography using the Markov boundary model. inches Ieee Transactions on Health care Imaging 20(: 900-916. Kohlhaas, Andreas et al., “High-Resolution OCDR for Testing Integrated-Optical Waveguides: Dispersion-Corrupted Experimental Data Corrected with a Numerical Protocol, ” Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. Ko To et al., “Ultrahigh image resolution in vivo versus former mate vivo OCT imaging in addition to tissue preservation”, Conference upon Lasers and electro-optics, i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet, pp.

Glosses on the Decretum EDITIONS: Certain groups associated with Johannes’s surviving glosses have got been edited, i. at the. causis Decretorum (a continuation of Huguccio’s Summa, coming from C. 23 q. 4 c. 33 to C.

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, fragment of any decretist Summa from the orbit regarding the Summa Monacensis. , a great incomplete decretist Summa from your Anglo-Norman school, closely linked to the Summa Lipsiensis as well as the Summa De iure canonico tractaturus.

that in 1177 he had taught the Decretum and discussed Causas decretales at Paris. In between 1160 and 1170 Gandulphus wrote the Sententiarum libri quatuor, which was a great abbreviation of Peter Lombard’s Sentences as well because glosses to Gratian’s Decretum. , the otherwise unknown creator of a penitential Summa, composed around 1250. Kuttner, ‘Notes on a forecasted corpus of 12th millennium decretal collections’, Traditio 6 ( 350. , contains decretals appended to a duplicate of the Decretum, none associated with which dates later compared to into the early years associated with Alexander III’s pontificate.

“The Framingham Eye Review monograph: An ophthalmological and epidemiological study of cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and visual acuity in a general population of 2631 adults, 1973-1975. ” Survey of Ophthalmology 24(Suppl): 335-610. “Strategies of epithelial repair: modulation of stem cell and transit amplifying cell proliferation. inches Journal of Cell Technology 111(Pt: 2867-75. “Longitudinal frequency of major eye diseases. ” Archives of Ophthalmology 121(: 1303-1310. “Phase-sensitive interferometry with ultrashort optical signal. ” Review of Medical Instruments 66(: 5459-5463.

( “Changing Patterns in the Incidence regarding Esophegeal and Gastric Carcinoma in the United States. ” American Cancer Modern society vol. “Important factors behind visual today. ” Jama-Journal associated with the American Medical Organization 290(: 2057-2060. “Three common assumptions about ocular blood circulation and glaucoma. ” Survey of Ophthalmology 45: S325-S331. “Technique for Detecting Serial Topographic Changes in the Optic Disc and Peripapillary Retina Using Scanning Laser Tomograph. ” Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 41: 775-782.

Quaestiones Regimontanae, probably lost in World War II, formed part of the manuscript containing several decretalist writings from the time period 1191-1234. , report a series of quaestiones that are really largely from the similar stock as those to be found in the Bambergenses III.

the French decretist apparatus constructed before 1210 which betrays certain doctrinal connections with the Summa Bambergensis. The manuscript contains also portions from the Summa ‘Animal est substantia’, suggesting that this job is somehow related. , a gloss composition to elements of Gratian’s Decretum which often occurs in a manuscript in Bernkastel-Kues. Coventris Episcopus’, and occasionally in typically the Summa Parisiensis, the M?ngd antiquitate et tempore, Ecce uicit leo, and the particular Summa ‘Quid sit symonia’. MS C. III. just one marked with the siglum ‘Ger. ‘; within the Summa Lipsiensis marked with all the siglum ‘Magister G.

Using the Summa of Stephanus, this shows many parallels to a different Summa, Quoniam status ecclesiarum. 1170, is a commentary around the second part regarding the Decretum. The excerpts were written either just before the appearance of the particular Summa of Johannes Faventinus ( or not many later. (Pseudo-Rufinus) includes a remark on part II-III of Gratian’s work, which will be basically copied out of Rufin’s Summa.

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“Transfer Features of the Microchannel Space Light-Modulator. ” Applied Optical technologies 28(: 4781-4786. Hajime Tanaka et al., “New Technique of Superheterodyne Light Conquering Spectroscopy for Brillouin-Scattering Using Frequency-Tunable Lasers”, Physical Evaluation Letters 1995, 74 (: 1609-1612. “Investigation of very scattering media using near-infrared continuous wave tunable semiconductor laser. ” Proc. “A Methodology for the Systematic and Quantitative Study of Cellular Contact Guidance in Oriented Collagen Gels-Correlation of Fibroblast Birefringence. ” Journal regarding Cell Science 105: 317-331. “Coherence Coding for Photonic Code-Division Multiple-Access Networks. inches Journal of Lightwave Technological innovation 13(: 1826-1837.

, a Bolognese commentary on the Decretum which depends heavily on the Summa of Simon of Bisignano (1177-. (Induent sancti), and Anglo-Norman Summa on the Decretum, composed after the appearance of Compilatio I, which it usually cites for extravagantes. , an Anglo-Norman Summa around the Decretum, written with regular reference to the M?ngd of Johannes Faventinus ( and before the Lateran council of 1179.

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