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I was 46, not overweight and the only major issue I ever had was grave’s disease diagnosed at age 25, take thyroid replacement and have been fine. I am 51 years old and have not changed my diet too much (was never a big red meat eater). I had phlebotomies every two weeks when I was first diagnosed, and now that my ferritin is down to 50 I am on maintenance to keep it there. Her iron was 13.7 in march, was 8.8 last week and is now 7.9. With in a 3 day period she couldn’t run without feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing.

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After xrays and ultrasounds bursitis and arthritis were ruled out, anti inflamatories such as Neurefen and Voltaren gels don’t work, nor do over the counter pain killers. I can’t sit too long without beeing stiff, disrupted sleep, can’t walk too far without feeling a lot worse the next day. When I saw my Dr I felt great but had never connected mild joint pain with this condition. After giving 1 1/2 donations at Red Cross ( I got light headed on the second and they stopped mid way) *does the amount or frequency of needing iron transfusions change (get more severe??).

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had insurance and would got to the doctors office and was charged a copay then they would take his blood and put it in a container labled contaminated and dispose of it and that would depress him Seems to me no one should be allowed to give blood since everyone who donates stands to benefit….(Ok a little bit sarcastic…sorry.) On the other hand they also say that giving blood gives one a sense of real satisfaction and pride – knowing that the donation is saving lives.

  • I know I’m not supposed to take aspirin or iron supplements.
  • I have heard there are now dissolving lozenges that can be taken, I would like to try this to see if it would help maintain the ferritin level.
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Does anyone have any information on the relationship with iron deficiency and castlemans disease. I have sever anemia a level 6 and am wondering why my doctor never suggested I have an iron transfusion.

I don’t understand why my ferritin is always either low or in range. My most recent labs show saturation if 96% and iron at 249, too high.

Flow cytometry, ELISA, ELISpot, reporter gene, mediator release, intravital microscopy and peritonitis assays were conducted to evaluate the capacity of the peptide to modulate the in vitro or in vivo immune response under inflammatory or allergic conditions. P64 Immune modulation of inflammatory and allergic responses by a TGF-ß1-like peptide The identification of genders with modulatory action as Acinetobacter was did using specific primers through PCR, and the absence or presence of this bacteria was associated with the production of the regulatory cytokine IL-10 in blood culture stimulated with antigens of Ascaris lumbricoides, Blomia tropicalis, Dermatophagoides farinae and vitamin D. It is assumed that children, who grow up in an environment with a high number of pathogens, protect themselves from allergic sensitization.

If the heart is damaged directly by iron, the irregular beats (arrhythmia) are caused by iron-mediated heart cell death. This unbound iron can damage heart tissues directly or it can damage the pituitary resulting in abnormal thyroid or adrenal function, both of which can cause an irregular heart beat. The heart is structured differently from other vital organs; it is a muscle and does not contain as much ferritin as other vital organs.

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