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Stop privatizing the fruits of our own tax dollars, or all of us will replace you with someone who will. We need opensource software to create opportunities in our own countries.

The thought of the collaboration of many cities in software growth is obvious. It is high time to have a Western european IT infrastructure and software stack, including however, not restricted to operating systems and office suites.

the program paid with our tax-collected money must be public, free and accessible to be able to everyone. There is not reasing for code not to be free of charge except if it has adware and spyware, and in that situation it should not end up being funded with public cash. Actually it seems so obvious “public money for general public code” that I’m wondering why we have in order to even talk about that.

Invasions of Poland and Italy

It’s regarding transparency and liability, yet also about boosting typically the economy. I live in Munich and as a free software developer, I actually highly appreciate the use of the Limux Linux submission in the city administration. This will also improve the ability to connect methods and reduce the potential future costs of changes.

gerd vincenz

  • Spreading typically the word of free software will be difficult because it takes time.
  • A free and open up society should prioritize typically the usage of free and open source software.
  • Now that privacy is becoming an concern we need public computer code not to spy upon us.
  • By looking into making the software available for public scrutiny, safety will be enhanced for all those.

Software funded by individuals ought to be for the benefit of people. All application created with public cash must be available in order to the public. People who pay the taxes must have complete access to the computer code produced for the money.

we paid one to create the content, the particular code is ours and should not be hidden. Exactly what is paid with the public should be owned by the general public. If its publicly financed, it should be accessible without restriction or expense for all.

Not only do we need non-proprietary application, but also non-proprietary hardware to make certain full respect with regard to fundamental freedoms. Governments job for people, and they will should use public application. Proprietary software is like trying to fit the square peg into a round hole.

Please consider our quarrels carefully – proprietary software program endangers public safety in addition to public independence from industrial interests. Lots of people must notice benefit of being type and gentle people. General public sector should start to know about Free Software and its usage. it’s paid for by the particular people, and so the people ought to be able to advantage from it.

Open code will encourage collaboration across public institutions and countries to save money in addition to improve software quality. Openly funded software has in order to be Free and Open up Source Software. I completely agree with the emotions in this letter, make sure you implement the use of free and open source code written with open public money. Projects funded simply by public money should constantly be open source in addition to free. This is regarding transparency, tax money heading to benefit all tax payers + local organizations instead of foreign huge corporations, and security.

gerd vincenz
gerd vincenz

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