Werner Anselmann Estate

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2010 Federal Prize of Honour in Gold/ Wine Maker of the year 2010 This prize ist awarded for special achievement at the wine and sparkling wine competition of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture. 3.12.2010 At a Gala Evening the Weingut Werner Anselmann was awarded a 2010 State Prize of Honour of hawaii Government of Rhineland-Palatinate. We could answer you in English, French, Spanish and of course German.

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Karl Kamps (Sporthilfe Rheinland-Pfalz), Ralf Anselmann, Wine Queen of Palatinate Julia Becker, Soccer World Champion Ursula Holl and Gerd Anselmann Loading of the Wine for the “German House” in Peking 2008

Workshop on 02 December 2005, Brussels, Belgium

  • His passion for wine and his love for details make him a competent and valuable point of contact for journalists and wine enthusiasts.
  • In this capacity he tasted wines at international wine competitions in over 20 countries.
  • Long Island Wine Region: Fact Sheet NY may be the 3rd largest wine growing region in America; Long Island is definitely the premier region in the state for the production of vinifera wines.
  • The fantastic vintage of 1959 saw the beginning of a new era of winemaking, bottling and selling by Werner and Inge Anselmann, parents of today´s owner.
  • Four sons and two daughters remain attending school, however they are all showing a great deal of interest in the family’s vineyard.
  • Since 1993 the wine has been classified as a Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) so when of 2004 was Italy’s largest producing appellation.

In 1979, in addition to the historical housing and cellars, in which many an exquisite wine continues to be stored today, a new estate building was constructed on the outskirts of Edesheim next to Inge Anselmann´s birthplace. 2008 the Anselmann family was able to provide the “German House” in Peking with wines. The wine and sekt estate Gebrüder Anselmann GmbH was awarded with a 2009 Federal Prize of Honour in Silver.

FEDERAL PRIZE OF HONOUR IN GOLD Your wine and sekt estate Gebrüder Anselmann GmbH may be the Wine Maker of the entire year and winner of the 2010 Federal Prize of Honour in Gold! Werner and Inge Anselmann filled their first bottles of wine through the great vintage of Today the family business is run together with their mother Inge by brothers Gerd and Ralf, both graduate agricultural engineers, and their sister Ruth, a graduate in business studies. The Anselmann family has been connected with wine growing for generations. The Anselmann estate, situated in Rhineland-Palatinate, is among Germany’s biggest wine-making estates. Even though Anselmann family have been involved in wine-making for years and years, it was only in 1959 that Werner Anselmann took over the bottling and marketing himself.

This can be a wine with a lovely golden yellow colour and great freshness that develops aromas of apricots, melons and citrus fruits over subtle floral and mineral notes. With a complex plum and cherry aroma, it is just a powerful wine with plenty of body and an excellent length on the palate. Amongst its jewels is the Dornfelder selection of ice wine from 2009, which represents a pinnacle in the elaboration of this wine of great class.

To celebrate the Olympic Games in Sydneyin 2000, the winery had the privilege of supplying the German NOC with a Pinot Blanc sparkling wine. In the same year your wine estate won the first prize of a state-run competition “Creativity for the Future”.the Minister of Economics, Dr. A label design competition, organised by the DLG and German Wine Institute, was won by the Sparkling Pinot Blanc extra brut, whilst the St. 1993-a neighbouring house, which used to belong to Inge Anselmann´s family was taken over and renovated.

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